Daft hand-print bikini makes it look like someone’s grabbing your boobs

EVER fancy sunbathing topless on the beach but don’t love the idea of taking your kit off in front of total strangers? Yep, we’ve ALL been there.

Well if you’re looking to perfect those tanlines without stripping off this summer, this cheeky new bikini style may just be the thing for you.

Would YOU dare to wear this see-through bikini?
  • Hands Strapless Bikini, £260 from Adriana Degreas – buy now

Yes you can forget all about actually sunbathing topless because a handprint bikinis is proving to be all the rage.

And better still, it makes it look as though someone is cheekily cover your modesty for you.

Brazilian designer Adriana Degreas’ sweet and sexy bikini hands bikini has been proving incredibly popular online thanks to its sexy sheer top and cutesy design.

And we’d just like to pause here for a moment here to appreciate how perfect the red manicure is… even if it is on a set of bizarre fake hands.

The cheeky bikini features a pair of floating hands[/caption]

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Can we just take a moment to appreciate just how perfect this red manicure is?[/caption]

And while we can’t exactly see ourselves rocking this daring style any time soon, the one thing that does really appeal to us is the fact that the red bottoms matches the nail polish’s exact shade of scarlet. Goals.

But before you go rushing to add the bikini to your basket, there’s just one small thing we forgot to mention: it’ll set you back a cool £260.

And if anything is going to convince us to sunbathe topless on the beach, it’s that eyewatering price.

Unsurprisingly, the divisive design has gone down a storm with fashion bloggers with a much more daring sense of style than us.

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Anyone else got Hollaback Girl stuck in their head right now? Just us?[/caption]

  • Bananas Detail Bikini, £260 from Adriana Degreas – buy now
The Brazilian designer has also brought out a leopard claw version
  • Leopard Paws Hot Pants, £515 from Adriana Degreas – buy now

Instagram star Kelly Travelling debuted the risque bikini on her social media feed this weekend, with fans desperate to know where the swimsuit was from.

One wrote: “Oh my goodness, where did you get this bikini from? Please share babe!”

Another added: “I’m obsessed with this top. Where can it be purchased?”

But if you’re not tempted by the idea of perfectly manicured floating hands covering your boobs this summer, the Brazilian designer has also brought out a leopard claw offering.

As for us, well we’re totally obsessed with the banana bikini top… *Adds to wishlist*

In more bonkers fashion news, this shopper has blasted PrettyLittleThing’s sizing and vows “never to buy” from them again after her boobs burst out of her bikini top.

And ASOS have been mocked for their VERY revealing £9 buckle-up bikini which “looks like you’ve put your bra on back to front”.

Plus this shopper blasted Boohoo after receiving a size 14 T-shirt that’s BIGGER than a man’s XXL powerlifting top.



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