Dad’s Horror As Fox Sneaks Into Bedroom And Attacks Daughter, 4, As She Slept


A DAD has spoken of his shock after a fox crept into his three-year-old daughter’s bed and attacked her as she slept.

George Cooper, 37, was sat in the lounge with his partner when he heard the toddler scream from upstairs.

Getty – Contributor The fox crept into the child’s bedroom and attacked her while her parents were downstairs

He had just tucked little Heidi into bed after a busy day out visiting family on Tuesday.

“I lay there for half an hour and read her a story,” he said. “I took my four-month-old baby downstairs and then their mum came home from work.”

The parents then settled down to watch a film in their Petts Wood home, south east London.

But moments later a fox found its way inside through the back door and managed to sneak past the family before heading upstairs.

Getty – Contributor Heidi suffered bites to her hand and scratches on her arms in the attack

George suddenly heard Heidi cry out for help as the fox jumped into her bed and started biting and clawing her.

He recalled: “Heidi occasionally wakes up in the night but as I got closer to the top of the stairs I heard the panic in her voice.

“I turned on the light and saw it jump down. She was screaming ‘fox’. I grabbed her and shut her in the other bedroom.

“I stamped my foot and the fox left the house by going down the stairs and out the back door.”

Getty – Contributor Heidi’s dad George chased the fox down the stairs and out of the back door

The horrified parents realised Heidi was bleeding and had suffered bites to her hand and scratches on her arms. Thankfully her injuries were not serious.

“I just can’t believe it,” George said. “I’m the type that treats this as urban legend. But I’m shocked it happened to us.”

The dad admitted he left the back door open because of the heatwave and had not been worried as he would have spotted a human trespasser walking by the living room to get upstairs.

He told News Shopper Heidi was still in shock but has been “so brave” since the attack.

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