Currys Is Selling A Vr Headset For Just 97p – Get It Here


LOOKING for a super-cheap way to sample virtual reality? Then grab this VR headset for less than a quid while you can.

The 97p DIY gadget is on sale now at Currys in a deal that knocks more than 100 percent off its original asking price.

Goji Stick your smartphone in the front and enjoy some VR action

Goji You can assemble the Goji VR glasses in just five minutes Goji Card 3D Virtual Reality Glasses for 97p at Currys – buy now

As its name suggests, the Goji Card 3D VR is made out of cardboard.

The flatpack gizmo comes with instructions in the box that guide you through the assembly process, which we’re told takes just five minutes.

Once its built, just slot your smartphone in the front and fire up some VR apps: we’d recommend starting with YouTube, Star Wars VR and Google Street View.

Best of all, the lightweight headset is portable – so you won’t be held back by cables and the need for a PC or gaming console like with premium VR goggles from Oculus, HTC and PlayStation.

Goji Goji’s VR headset works with both iPhones and Android phones What is virtual reality?

Your guide to the tech everyone’s talking about…

Virtual reality is simply using a headset or goggles to simulate a fake world You stick the VR helmet on and you’ll see a virtual environment in front of you, created by computers or your smartphone VR helmets are made by top firms like Facebook, Google, Sony, HTC and Samsung You can get cardboard VR headsets for as cheap as £11 in the UK But top VR headsets (with the best graphics) cost hundreds of pounds – and require expensive gaming PCs, too VR is big business – Facebook bought VR firm Oculus in 2014 for $2billion And analysts say the VR industry will be worth more than $40billion by 2020 Popular VR pastimes include watching 360-degree videos and playing virtual reality games But there’s also a growing number of porn enthusiasts who use VR headsets to watch smut.

The Goji VR glasses work with the following iOS and Android handsets:

iPhone 4 / 4S / 5C / 5 / 5S / SE / 6 / 6S Sony Xperia Z5 / Z3 / Z1 / X Performance / M4 Aqua LG G2 Samsung Galaxy S3 / S4 / S5 / S6 Huawei P6 / P7 / P8 / Honor 6

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