Crazy Rich Asian bride’s lavish wedding features TWO designer gowns decorated in 2,000 Swarovski crystals, a £40k 8-course banquet and 400 guests from 13 countries

Crazy Rich Asian bride’s lavish wedding features TWO designer gowns decorated in 2,000 Swarovski crystals, a £40k 8-course banquet and 400 guests from 13 countries

IT’S supposed to be the most magical day of your life – so you can’t exactly blame a bride for going a little over the top with some aspects of their wedding day.

But while most newlyweds splash out on a nice venue or a really outstanding caterer, one happily married couple went to all new extremes when they tied the knot in a lavish Singapore ceremony in front of 400 guests.

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Gloria walked down the aisle in a white silk dress with over 2,000 crystals[/caption]

Appearing in the upcoming episode of My Crazy Rich Asian Wedding, college sweethearts Rudy and Gloria didn’t spare any expense for their special day.

Tying the knot in the five-star Fullerton Hotel, the couple splashed out on a £40,000 banquet for their hundreds of guests – and that’s before they even paid for any booze.

Gloria said: “We want the food to be good and delicious for our family because it’s not cheap.

“The table is about £1,000 and that excludes alcohol. We have about 40 tables.”

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After the ceremony, the couple stood on stage with dragons to scare off any ‘evil spirits’[/caption]

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The 400 guests were invited to toss the noodles for good luck[/caption]

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The couple spent £40,000 feeding their guests[/caption]

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The banquet consisted of eight courses[/caption]

Along with their scallops in a potato nest starter, the couple also served noodles at their reception – and asked their guests to toss them as a good luck wish.

The impressive spread also included sea bass for every table and dumplings as part of their 8-course menu.

Jetting in from 13 different countries, exactly 400 people attended the lavish ceremony held in a lavishly decorated ballroom.

Flooding the foyer of the hotel with freshly-cut flowers, guests were also invited to prepare their own bouquets to give to the happy couple in the evening.

After spending months planning every detail of Gloria and Rudy’s day, the couple’s wedding planner Eileen admitted: “Everything is timed to the minute – and it’s causing me to have some sleepless nights.”

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The room where the couple married had 4,000 crystals hanging from the ceiling[/caption]

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The foyer of the hotel was filled with flowers for guests to assemble their own bouquets[/caption]

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Gloria’s white wedding dress featured over 2,000 crystals[/caption]

As a self-confessed glitter enthusiast, it’ll come as no surprise that Gloria wanted to tie the knot in a room with over 4,000 crystals hanging from the ceiling.

The bride also opted for not just one but TWO designer dresses, featuring over 2,000 crystals.

Gloria’s first, traditional white design which she walked down the aisle in featured an off-shoulder design and was covered in Swarovski gems.

And for the evening, the bride changed into an eye-catching pink and purple ombre glitter gown.

Having seen his future wife try on over 50 dresses, Rudy joked before the wedding that guests will “need to bring their shades” in order to look at the “blinding” sparkly frock.

The unconventional, magenta gown also matched Gloria’s 8-carat ruby engagement ring her fiance spent months designing.

She said: “I love the ring, you can’t buy it anywhere.”

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Gloria then changed into a pink glittering gown for the evening reception[/caption]

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Glora’s second dress had a purple bodice and glittering pink skirt[/caption]

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Rudy joked that guests would need sunglasses to look at Gloria’s second dress[/caption]

The couple – who have known each other for 16 years – were in a relationship for four years before getting engaged.

Rudy explained: “We went to the same college and I had a bit of a crush on her because she was the most beautiful girl in school.”

The bride joked: “I had no idea he had a thing for me. ”

After their bank-breakingly expensive wedding, the couple plan to follow Gloria’s 103-year-old of grandmother’s advice and start a family quickly.

In response to being asked what was next for the couple, Gloria said: “Babies and babies and more babies!”

My Crazy Rich Asian Wedding airs at 9pm on Sunday on Channel 5.

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