Could Mavericks Be The Fortnite Killer We’ve All Been Waiting For?


BATTLE royale modes are suddenly everywhere, so standing out from the crowd is tricky.

Mavericks: Proving Grounds is trying to flank the competition on two sides at once, but making its take on the massively multiplayer shooter both bigger and deeper.

Mavericks’ world is going to be huge, but the basic concepts are very familiar

Its ambitions include a 16km by 16km battle area with a social hub at the centre and a living, destructible world outside.

It will support battles with up to 1,000 players, in squads of five, or 400 solo players.

Its ambitions aren’t limited to size either. The world is realistic rather than cartoony, with elements that should add complex nuances to gameplay. It’s inhabited by wildlife that will react to players around it–try to sneak through some undergrowth that you’ve not scouted properly and a flock of birds you’ve disturbed taking off could give away your position.

You’ll be able to track other players through footprints and blood trails. Track them to a building and you can quietly pick the lock to try and catch them restocking or, if you’ve got the ordnance, you can blow it up or set fire to it and wait for them to perish in flames or come to you.

Using fire to your advantage seems likely to be key to flushing players out into your crosshairs, given the massive scale of the map

Fire has the potential to play a significant role in the game across the board, with vegetation as well as buildings being flammable, letting players shape the battlefield around them.

In the pre-alpha build we played there are already a good range of weapons and ordnance, and solid core mechanics that we’re excited to see more of.

Sound carries really well across the world, with distant and not-so-distant explosions and gunfire giving you a good feel for where the action is around you.

Teamwork is key, with the social hub in the centre of the island providing a chance to forge alliances before battle begins

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