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Coronation Street spoilers: Beloved resident 'leaves' the cobbles after heartbreaking loss

Abi Franklin (played by Sally Carman) has been left with quite a dilemma on her hands of late on Coronation Street after discovering her twins; Lexi Franklin (Jasmine Fish) and Charlie Franklin (Jacob Fish), were moving to Australia with their adoptive parents. Whereas she wanted to let them go to give them a better future, her eldest son Seb Franklin (Harry Visinoni) was furious with his mother’s decision. Despite their differences in opinion, both now seem to be letting the dust settle as the mechanic’s youngest children get set to move abroad. However, will the mother-of-three make a shock U-turn and ultimately leave the ITV soap as a result?

The drama begins next week when Abi’s mind is distracted by the twins’ imminent departure from Weatherfield.

In the Rovers Return, she voices her thoughts to landlady Jenny Connor (Sally Ann Matthews), who offers her some sympathy.

Not understanding the gravity of the situation, it’s not long before Gemma Winter (Dolly-Rose Campbell) puts her foot in it.

The mother of quadruplets is slightly insensitive as she says she couldn’t live without her children, let alone being separated from them by living in different countries.

Although she knows her neighbour didn’t mean any harm, the mechanic soon flees the pub as she is overcome with emotion.

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Later on, Gemma apologises to the mother-of-three for being insensitive to her situation, leading the mechanic to break down in tears.

Explaining why she is giving up her twins, Abi tells the quadruplets’ mother she is trying not to be selfish by letting them go.

Eventually, her teenage son Seb arranges another meeting with his sibling’s adoptive parents so he and his mother can say goodbye to Lexi and Charlie.

The wayward character tried to bid her children farewell a couple of weeks ago, but this time around, will she have a plan in the back of mind this won’t be the last time they meet?

If they refuse to accept her proposal, the twins’ mother could then launch a custody battle, bringing them all back to the UK.

Following a brief exit with no progress made on her case, will she have to convince a judge she is willing to be the parent Lexi and Charlie deserve?

However, there is a side to Abi which felt she would never have to see her children again and could move on with her life knowing they were well cared for.

Speaking of her character losing her twins, actress Sally Carman, 39, said: “That is a completely different thing for her as she had always thought in her head she might have an incident where she meets the kids, so be told they are going to Australia is a bit of a blind sider for her.”

“In a lot of ways it is probably better because it draws a line in the sand, they will be on the other side of the world and she will never see them again,” the soap actress continued.

“But it has taken away that hope and comfort that she might have seen them again in the future.

“Now she is never going to see them until they are adults and they come looking for her if they ever do. It sends her reeling.

“She also feels as though this news justifies what she did, whenever she feels overwhelmed she tells herself she has to give them this opportunity but she is heartbroken. It is 100 percent sacrifice on her part.”

Will Abi fight for her children and showcase her efforts to be a better mother?

Coronation Street continues Friday at 7:30pm on ITV.


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