Commuter Plays ‘thriller’ By Michael Jackson At ‘spice Zombie’ Shuffling Outside Train Station


A “SPICE zombie” is filmed shuffling to Michael Jackson’s Thriller in disturbing footage posted online.

The clip, captured outside Bristol train station, shows the legless bloke barely able to stand.

The ‘spice zombie’ nearly trips over as he is filmed trying to dance to Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’

He appears to be heavily under the influence of powerful synthetic drug spice — currently plaguing towns up and down the country.

Phil Barlow, who filmed the inebriated man, had a set of speakers with him and decided to play the zombie-themed hit.

He then posted it to social media where it was shared on the “Spice Heads” Facebook page.

The video begins with the man stumbling aimlessly before the entrance to Bristol bus and train station.

The inebriated man is barely able to stand up straight

Pedestirans can be seen walking past as the man struggles to stay upright.

Phil puts on the Jackson track — to loud laughter from those watching.

One man can be heard asking: “Who put on that song?”

The same man can be heard urging: “Go on, do the Thriller.”

A witness filmed the staggering bloke and played music through his bluetooth speakers Illegal high: What is Spice?

SPICE is a lab-created drug that can cause severe hallucinations and make users pass out.

Before the ban on psychoactive substances in 2016, it was being sold either over the counter or online under a variety of brand names such as Annihilation and GoCaine.

Users can suffer vomiting, seizures, terrifying hallucinations and severe psychotic episodes after consuming the drug.

It is highly addictive with withdrawal symptoms said to be worse than coming off crack or heroin.

Spice appears particularly rife in Birmingham and Manchester, where a number of users have been hospitalised after taking the drug.

It has been dubbed the “zombie drug” because of the effect it can have on users, who are often seen staggering around.

An ex-spice addict described being on the drug as feeling “brain dead”.

“They say people look like zombies, and that’s how it feels.”

Floorlayer Phil, 35, who took the video, said: “My reaction was to laugh and people walking past were laughing as well.”

After seeing the clip on social media, Anthony Stericker commented: “Whoever put that song on is a f****** legend.”

Tony Hulme wrote: “Sassy moves going on.”

Lee Lath said: “Had me in stitches.”

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