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Cold Feet 2019 spoilers: Viewers in tears over heartbreaking adoption email

The eighth series of Cold Feet has already seen several highs and lows, but tonight’s poignant scenes had fans crying.

Tonight’s episode saw Jenny Gifford (played by Fay Ripley) start chemotherapy, supported by fellow “cancer buddy” Charlie.

Charlie tried to encourage Jenny to join the hospital choir, which she eventually did before revealing it was “the best decision” she had made.

Jenny then went out wig shopping with Karen Marsden (Hermione Norris) and jumped at the chance to be the face of Karen’s new book, agreeing to take part in a photoshoot.

While it was great to see a new lease of life in Jenny since her diagnosis, fans were even happier with scenes involving daughter Chloe Gifford (Madeline Edmondson).

Pete Gifford (John Thomson) found himself in a dilemma when Chloe, terrified her mum is going to die, asked him to formally adopt her.

Initially he declined, telling her Jenny would be fine, but following a heartbreaking email from Chloe, was left in bits and agreed to the adoption.

Viewers instantly took to social media following the emotional episode.

One fan tweeted: “#ColdFeet, so many emotions in that episode, powerful symbolism with giving David the keys, the pure tear jerker of Chloe’s email and Adam and Karen finally admitting how they feel. Could have been a series finale, but glad we get to see immediately what happens next in a week.”

“Chloe’s email had me crying so much. #ColdFeet,” posted another.

A third wrote: “Thank you #ColdFeet – that beautiful email Chloe wrote about not having her mum in her life & crying forever has finished me off. I’m 44 and lost my dad in 2006 and have never stopped crying.”

“Cold Feet was full of ups and downs with David finally telling the truth about being Homeless and facing his Daughter Olivia failing her English Exam, Chloe getting adopted by her Dad Grant and after the Kiss at the Festival two weeks ago Adam and Karen are one together. #ColdFeet,” said another.

A fifth added: “Watching #ColdFeet – one minute laughing, the next crying. What a journey, but what a brilliant series!”

“Yes! Yes! Yes! Had me in tears yet again. Love this series #ColdFeet,” cried another.

One fan gushed: “Is there any programme on TV that pulls on your heart strings more than #ColdFeet? Takes you from laughter to tears in seconds. Brilliant scriptwriting,” while another simply put: “I’m in tears watching #coldfeet.”

Elsewhere in the episode, Karen and Adam’s (James Nesbitt) double date became awkward after Adam jibed about Dan being a vicar.

Things went from bad to worse as Dan then challenged Adam and reminded Karen of who she used to be.

However, this caused Adam turmoil as he struggled to shut out his feelings for Karen, but ultimately they were back together by the end of the episode.

Homeless David, who was seen to take refuge at the airport, was saved by his close friends after a chance encounter with his ex-wife Robyn.

Cold Feet concludes next Monday on ITV at 9pm.


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