Cleaning-mad woman make her grubby flip flops look as good a new using £1 paste

A WOMAN has shared her incredible hack for transforming her old flip flops to look gleaming and good as new with a £1 paste.

Posting in the Facebook group Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips, she shared dramatic before and after shots of the shoes going from dirty grey to sparkling white.


A woman shared to the Facebook group Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips how she made her flip flops look as good as new[/caption]

In order to restore the flip flops to their former glory, she used the Pink Stuff paste, which is currently selling for £1 in Sainsbury’s.

She wrote: “I wear these flip flops religiously comfiest pair of footwear I own & I always scrub them in the shower with me.

“But the general wearing of them never got clean.

“Hurrah for a toothbrush & pink stuff!!!! Now out in the sunshine drying.”


The woman shared a before photo of her worn flip flops where they looked grey and used[/caption]


In the striking after shot, the shoes look gleaming white and fully transformed[/caption]

You can currently pick up a pot of the Pink Stuff paste from Sainbury’s
  • Pink Stuff cleaning paste, £1 from Sainsbury’s – buy now

In the after shots, the pair of white-soled beach shoes look good as new and worlds apart from their previous grubby state.

The cleaning paste is known to be a favourite product of Instagram cleaning sensation Mrs Hinch, who uses it to clean her oven.

The non-toxic, vegetable oil-based cleaner is said to be tough on the likes of saucepans, cooker tops, sinks, uPVC, barbecues, ceramic tiles, glass, showers and garden furniture.

Many people were quick to comment on the flip flop transformation and say they wanted to try it for themselves.

One wrote: “Great tip!!” and another added: “Might give mine a wash today now haha.”

Influencer Mrs Hinch is taking a break from social media but her fans are still cleaning while she is away
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My Hinchers🎄 Mr Hinch and I have been keeping a little secret .. 🙊 All of our Christmas wishes have come true, our mini Hinch will soon be due .. 👶🏼 Henry is going to be the best big brother ever! 🐶❤ I Hope you’ve all had the most magical Christmas Day ❤

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Mrs Hinch – who shot to fame last year for her fun, affordable cleaning hacks – is currently taking a social media break after giving birth to a healthy baby boy called Ronnie.

Expressing his gratitude for how Sophie’s “Hinch Army” have rallied around her during her pregnancy, Jamie added: “All I can say is thank you for your unbelievable kindness, loyalty and the most pure and genuine love we both feel from you all.”

Sadly, Sophie’s first pregnancy wasn’t without its complications and the star was rushed to hospital in April with a health scare.

After her week long stay in hospital, Sophie was forced to cancel the rest of her book tour after doctors told her she needed to put “mini Hinch” first.

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And this mum used a £1.60 two-ingredient trick to clean her filthy oven – and the results are amazing.

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