Claudia Winkleman: ‘Find it almost erotic’ Strictly host on bedtime regime with husband

Claudia Winkleman: ‘Find it almost erotic’ Strictly host on bedtime regime with husband

Claudia Winkleman, 47, is known for her love of heavy eye make-up, complete with black eyeliner and smokey eyeshadow.

But the Strictly Come Dancing presenter admitted she doesn’t take her make-up off before she goes to bed, which her husband has called “insane”.

In an interview with this week’s OK! Magazine about whether she has a beauty regime, Claudia spilled: “Don’t be absurd! I never take my make-up off.

“I go to bed with as much make-up on a I can, so I look cooler in my dreams!”

Addressing her husband Kris Thykier’s thoughts on her regime, she added: “My husband thinks I’m insane. I have a shower in the morning and some of it comes off.”

When quizzed on whether she gets marks on her pillow, Claudia admitted she does but finds it “almost erotic”.

“Yes, but I find that quite charming, a bit studenty, and almost erotic,” she laughed.

“It doesn’t matter if the marks don’t come out in the wash,” Claudia continued. “Life’s too short.”

The star added: “I’m at the total opposite scale of perfectionism.”

Claudia admitted she is never without her trusted eyeliner and said she always has it in the house.

“There might be no bread, we might be out of milk, but there’s always eyeliner,” she joked.

“I don’t think I’d get employed if I did pastel eye and a side parting. People would say: ‘Get someone else for the job’!”

Claudia began hosting Strictly Come Dancing on a Sunday with Tess Daly in 2012, where she then replaced the late Bruce Forsyth to present the main show on the Saturday as well two years later.

The BBC favourite has now been recognised for her work on the BBC One competition, as she has her very own waxwork in Madame Tussauds at Blackpool.

Claudia’s wax figure joins Tess Daly’s, which is part of a new Strictly Come Dancing experience, opening tomorrow.

Claudia posed next to her one, to show off the incredible similarities to her 430,000 Instagram followers.

The mother-of-three captioned the photo: “@MTBlackpool #StrictlyBlackpool.”

One of her fans joked: “It’s good. But not orange enough.”

“It needs more eyeliner,” another quipped.

A third gushed: “She’s good, but not a patch on the real thing.”

Strictly Come Dancing is expected to return to BBC One later in September.

Claudia Winkleman’s interview can be found in this week’s issue of OK! Magazine, out now.

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