Celebrity Big Brother Stars Emerge From Their Hotels Looking Slightly Worse For Wear


CELEBRITY Big Brother stars were pictured leaving their hotel this morning following a wild night at the wrap party.

The stars had partied until the early hours after celebrating the end of what has been one of the most eventful Celebrity Big Brother’s to date.

ISO Images Dan Osborne leaves with Ben Jardine.

Although there were smiles for the cameras, it was noticeable the ex-housemates were feeling tired after spending the last few weeks in the Big Brother house.

Dan Osborne, who came third in last night’s final, managed a grin next to fellow contestant, Ben Jarmine, who gave photographers the peace sign.

Physic Sally Morgan, who finished fifth, and banker, Nick Leeson, who came fourth, were also spotted leaving.

Comfort over fashion was obviously the outfit choice for the day as they all opted for jeans, t-shirts and trainers.

ISO Images Sally Morgan smiles for the camera

ISO Images A tired Nick Leeson leaves the hotel

In an exclusive chat with The Sun Online today, Dan Osborne also revealed how he told told Jacqueline Jossa he loved her last night and wants 10 kids with her.

The 27-year-old said: “I spoke to Jac last night and I told her I loved her.”

“She said well done for the show. I’ve not seen her yet, I just really want to see the kids too. It was tough in there without them.”

He added: “Children are a blessing. I’d like nine or TEN.  Just kidding … but in the future.”

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