Caroline Flack bursts out laughing during final speech as she gets interrupted by Maura telling Greg he ‘won it for Ireland’

Caroline Flack bursts out laughing during final speech as she gets interrupted by Maura telling Greg he ‘won it for Ireland’

CAROLINE Flack got an attack of the giggles while wrapping up the Love Island finale as Maura Higgins interrupted her closing speech.

The show’s host, 39, was closing the show as the excitable islanders celebrated Amber Gill and Greg O’Shea‘s win behind her.

Caroline was giving her closing speech to camera when Maura cut right behind her for Greg and could be heard loudly congratulating him
The unexpected moment saw Caroline lose her train of thought and burst into laughter
The star quickly composed herself but still had a big grin on her face

And as she reminded viewers to tune into Sunday’s night’s reunion show, Maura, 28, made a beeline for Greg behind her and loudly shouted: “You did it for Ireland!”
The funny moment threw Caroline temporarily off her game as she burst into laughter mid-sentence and looked round at the excitable contestants behind her.

But ever the professional, Caroline quickly regained her composure and turned back to camera to finish her link.

That wasn’t the only hitch, however,  in the final moments of the 90-minute finale.

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Maura told Greg that he “did it for Ireland”[/caption]

Just before she started laughing, Caroline temporarily lost sound when a technical blunder meant her microphone stopped working for a few seconds.

She started: “That’s it for Love Island 2019, Greg and Amber are your winning….” before being plunged into silence.

Luckily, the sound quickly returned and Caroline didn’t seem at all thrown by the hiccup.

And while Maura interrupted Caroline to congratulate her fellow Irishman, her reaction was markedly different when Amber and Greg were initially announced as the winners.

Love Island fans in hysterics at Maura’s disbelieving face as Amber and Greg snatch crown

Viewers flocked to social media to point out how the grid girl’s face was a picture of confusion when the series’ champions were revealed.

Fans were in hysterics as the camera flashed to Maura’s expression of disbelief.

One wrote alongside a grab of the moment: “Fix your face hun.”

Another tweeted: “Anyone else see Maura’s face when amber and Greg won, she didn’t look to impressed.”

A third wrote: “Maura made it very clear who she wanted to win.”

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Greg and Amber were the surprise winners, with Molly-Mae and Tommy initially the favourites[/caption]

The comments kept coming, as another viewer tweeted: “It’s not Molly’s reaction that bothers me at least she’s happy for them. Look at Maura.”

While Maura, tried to get her head around the news, Amber and Greg went crazy when their name was called.

There were then tense scenes as they were forced to open the golden envelopes revealing whether either of them would attempt to steal the £50,000 prize.

However, the nation breathed a huge sigh of relief when they opted to share the cash.

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