Camera Perverts Who Take Pictures Up Women’s Skirts Face Crack-down With New Laws


CAMERA perverts who take pictures up women’s skirts face a tough crack down, thanks to new laws.

Ministers will throw their weight behind a Bill to make ‘upskirting’ a specific sexual offence and will close current loopholes which can allow them to get away with it.

Getty – Contributor The police are often unable to prosecute when it comes to upskirting – but a new law will iron out loopholes

Campaigners have been fighting for a new law specifically outlawing the practice, which involves taking photographs or videos of a victim’s groin area from beneath their clothing.

The Ministry of Justice previously said that existing laws were enough to deal with the epidemic of vile photos.

But tomorrow they will back a Liberal Democrat Bill to launch a fresh crack down, which will protect victims and increase convictions.

MP Wera Hobhouse, campaigner Gina Martin and her lawyer Ryan Whelan have been thrashing out the details with officials.

Getty – Contributor Cases of upskirting are increasingly being reported in the UK – but few people have been prosecuted for it 

Ms Hobhouse said: “The fact that the Government has listened to our calls is testament to the widespread consensus that there was a gap in the law that needed to be addressed.

“We all made the case for common sense.

“Now if someone is to fall victim to upskirting, the law will recognise them as the victim, and the police will be able to act immediately and bring the perpetrators to justice.”

Campaigner Gina Martin said she had been on an “extraordinary journey” since she first started her campaign almost a year ago – after she herself was targeted.

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