Brexit U-Turn: How Remainer chief conceded 'absolutely NOTHING will happen' after EU exit

Brexit U-Turn: How Remainer chief conceded 'absolutely NOTHING will happen' after EU exit

Yesterday, a Government report, called Operation Yellowhammer, was leaked to the Sunday Times and revealed the predicted consequences of the UK leaving the EU without a deal. According to the dossier – which covers 12 areas of risk such as movement of goods and people across borders, food and water supplies, healthcare and transport – Britain could face months of disruption after a no deal Brexit.

However, Downing Street reacted with fury to the leak, and sources close to the Prime Minister blamed the disclosure on a former minister intent on ruining Boris Johnson’s trip to see EU leaders this week.

Responding to the leak, Michael Gove, who is responsible for no deal preparations, said some of the concerns had been “exaggerated”.

He said: “It’s certainly the case that there will be bumps in the road, some element of disruption in the event of no deal. But the document that has appeared in the Sunday Times was an attempt, in the past, to work out what the very, very worst situation would be so that we could take steps to mitigate that.

“And we have taken steps.”

Mr Gove also claimed some MPs were “frustrating” the Government’s chances of securing a new deal with the bloc.

He said: “Sadly, there are some in the House of Commons who think they can try to prevent us leaving on October 31. And as long as they continue to try to make that argument, then that actually gives some heart to some in the European Union that we won’t leave on October 31.

“The sooner that everyone recognises that we will leave on that day, the quicker we can move towards a good deal in everyone’s interests.”

As Brexiteers accuse Remainers of scaremongering, Daniel Hannan revealed in his 2016 book “Why Vote Leave” how a big Remain figure had actually admitted nothing will happen if Britain leaves the EU.

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He wrote: “What will change when Britain leaves the EU? Less, certainly, than some campaigners will claim.

“There will be some democratic gains and some financial gains; and there will also, I hope, be a psychological gain, by which I mean that we will have a renewed sense of national purpose and optimism.

“But, on a technical level certainly when it comes to trade – most existing structures will almost certainly be left in place.

“As the leader of Britain Stronger in Europe, the former Marks and Spencer boss, Lord Rose, honestly admitted at the launch of the Remain campaign, before horrified spin-doctors could shut him up: ‘Nothing is going to happen if we come out of Europe in the first five years probably.

“‘There will be absolutely nothing.

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“‘Then, if you look back ten years later, there will have been some change, and if you look back fifteen years later, there will have been some.'”

The Conservative MEP added: “The main effect of leaving the EU will be that Britain begins to follow a different trajectory, less dependent on an enervated and declining eurozone and more focused on the rest of the world.

“No jobs will be lost – except those of a few hundred British Eurocrats and MEPs, including me.”

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