Brexit Party boost: Nigel Farage close to stealing Labour MP in huge blow to Jeremy Corbyn

Led by Nigel Farage, the Brexit Party is widely expected to claim seats the next time the UK goes to the polls as worries surrounding the UK’s exit from the EU continue to fester. And now, Labour sources have grown increasingly worried that veteran politician Kate Hoey could join the Brexit Party after she announced she was standing down from Jeremy Corbyn’s party. According to the Mirror, Labour peers believe that she could make the move after she spent 30 years representing Vauxhall, in Central London.

The 73-year-old has been a vital cog for the Labour party for the past three decades but fell out with her local party last year.

As an avid Brexit supporter, Ms Hoey’s views were at odds with constituents who were upset when she voted with the Conservatives in votes on the UK’s exit.

Since, activists have sought her removal from office.

Concerns were heightened of her defecting earlier this month when she was seen talking to Brexit Party chairman Richard Tice.

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An MP said: “That sparked our worries she will become the first Brexit Party MP.

“Kate was facing deselection anyway and that may have finally tipped her over into defecting.”

Ms Hoey announced her resignation in July.

In a letter she told the party: “I will carry on until a general election serving with the energy, honesty and integrity that I have tried to bring to public service my whole life.”

But the ex-Minister for Sport previously said she would not stand in the 2020 election.

She was a key voice in the 2016 referendum in exiting the EU, being pictured on a boat alongside Mr Farage.

Ms Hoey last year lost a vote of no confidence in her constituency.

She is also in favour of fox hunting, something her residents again disapproved of.


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