Boxing Legend Floyd Mayweather Shows Off Huge Wads Of Cash After Private Fashion Store Shop


BOXING legend Floyd Mayweather continues to live up to his “Money” nickname by showing off his staggering wealth.

The undefeated champ uploaded two Instagram videos showing just how much cash he has lying around.

Instagram Floyd Mayweather counted the cash with his bed covered in notes

Mayweather 41, is believed to be worth over £400million and didn’t hold back when he visited the private fashion store to update his wardrobe.

In one video the American shows a clip with stacks of notes piled on a bed, barely leaving room for anything else.

Each wad is a pile of 100 dollar bills and it is impossible to work out the exact amount but it remains well into the thousands.

Mayweather then took his wealth into a luxury store where Mayweather is handed all the attention as he enjoys a private shop.

Instagram He is obviously enjoying his retirement since hanging up his gloves

Instagram, @floydmayweather Floyd Mayweather showed off his intentions on a private shopping trip

Instagram, @floydmayweather He emptied a bag full of cash and had a massive grin on his face

He says on the video: “See, there’s something you got to realise. I shop when nobody else is at the store, except for my crew.

“I shop when I want to, special hours. Come with me.”

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He follows it up by opening a bag and emptying a stack of cash on the floor before he starts laughing.

Mayweather, who hung up his gloves with a perfect 50-0 record, has used his money to purchase private jets and luxury mansions.

Instagram, @floydmayweather Floyd Mayweather enjoyed a private shopping trip with his crew

Instagram @tmtpilot Floyd Mayweather reportedly owns three private jets

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