Boris Johnson Slams Theresa May Over ‘absurdly High’ Stamp Duty Tax — But Keeps Quiet Over Burka Row


BORIS JOHNSON launched a fresh attack on Theresa May by demanding cuts to “absurdly high” stamp duty.A week on from the bitter burka row, the ex-Foreign Secretary said the sky-high tax was “freezing” out younger families. And he called the state of the housing market a “disgrace”.

AFP or licensors The former Foreign Secretary has used his latest newspaper column to attack the Prime Minister over stamp duty He said: “It was still only TEN years ago for heaven’s sake, that the proportion of owner occupiers among 25-34 year olds was still up at 64 per cent.“That figure has now plummeted to 39 per cent – more than half the key generation shut out of the housing market.”Writing for the Daily Telegraph he pointedly refused to comment on his incendiary jibes about full face veils in the same column seven days ago.The Tory big hitter – who served up to tea to journalists waiting outside his home yesterday – faces a disciplinary after comparing Muslim women wearing the burka to “letterboxes”.

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