Blake Lively Stars As A Mysterious Missing Woman In Chilling Trailer For A Simple Favor


BLAKE Lively stars as a mysterious woman who suddenly goes missing in the latest film by director Paul Feig.

A chilling trailer for A Simple Favor shows how Blake, 30, meets Anna Kendrick’s character before their world implodes.

Blake Lively and Anna Kendrick star in Paul Feig’s latest offering A Simple Favor

Actress Blake plays mysterious mum Emily whose life seems perfect to outsiders

But she, alongside her husband, appear to be hiding a dark past

Stephanie, played by 32-year-old Anna, starts by narrating the scene when she first meets Blake’s character Emily.

She looks stunned by Emily’s insistence at having a drink in the middle of the day but the pair appear to strike up an unlikely friendship.

As they drink cocktails, Stephanie explains: “A few weeks ago I met Emily, this wonderful elegant person…”

The pair are then shown going about their normal lives until Stephanie snaps a picture of Emily.

Stephanie, played by Anna Kendrick, left, strikes up a friendship with Emily but it quickly takes a dark turn

Emily calls Stephanie and asks her for ‘a simple favor’ and she obliges

But when Stephanie arrives at Emily’s home – she’s vanished without a trace

Stephanie starts a search party for her friend but soon realises it could be a lot harder to find her than she may have thought

She asks: “Did you just take a picture of me? Delete it.”

Looking shocked, Emily does as she’s told before Stephanie warns about becoming too close to her.

The trailer cuts to a scene with Emily’s husband, who says: “She’s an enigma, my wife. She’s like a beautiful ghost.”

Fast-forward to a few days later and Stephanie receives a mysterious call from Emily asking her for “a simple favour”.

The trailer shows Stephanie going back into Blake’s former life

And she’s warned off Emily, with old friends telling Stephanie: ‘She’s not a normal person’

Suspicions are raised further when Stephanie gets closer to Emily’s husband

She obliges but when she turns up to Emily’s house, she’s not there and Stephanie starts a missing person hunt.

As she starts to delve into her past, those who knew Emily before warn Stephanie not to go looking where she’s not welcome.

One ominously tells her: “Emily is not a normal person.”

The plot deepens still as a flashback shows Emily sitting in a room with magenta hair and thigh high boots.

And discovers he had taken out a huge life insurance policy shortly before Emily disappeared

The film is packed with chilling scenes and fast-paced action

But will Stephanie ever be able to find Emily? Dead or alive?

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