Blackberry Key2 Revealed As ‘world’s Most Secure Android Smartphone’ – But It Still Has A Qwerty Keyboard


BLACKBERRY’s new Key2 flagship is the “most secure Android smartphone” in the world, according to the company.

The follow-up to the KeyOne will be released in the UK, and globally, this month for a wallet-pleasing £579, revealed BlackBerry at the phone’s launch event in New York.

BlackBerry The BlackBerry Key 2 is the company’s first phone with a dual-lens camera

BlackBerry The BlackBerry Key2 features an aluminium frame and 4.5-inch screen

Privacy features aside, most onlookers may not make it past its old-fashioned physical keyboard.

While the iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy S9 boast huge screens by trimming down on borders, BlackBerry’s offering a titchy 4.5-inch display on the Key2 just so it can cram in a ruddy keypad.

That’s only half-an-inch bigger than the 2012 iPhone 5 – in case you were wondering.

This ultimately means the phone stands out from the rest of the flagship pack for all the wrong reasons.

But BlackBerry – which licenses its mobile brand to Chinese manufacturer TCL after falling on hard times –  wouldn’t have it any other way.

It’s going to great lengths to hype up its redesigned QWERTY keyboard, which has been raised up 20 percent for a more comfortable and accurate typing experience.

But if for some reason you’re into it, the physical keypad won’t disappoint, thanks to its sleek matte finish and fingerprint sensor baked into the space bar.

BlackBerry The BlackBerry Key2 comes in silver and black

Sorry, there’s no face unlock here (even though it’s available on cheaper devices like the £469 OnePlus 6) – because BlackBerry’s clearly all about bucking trends, not following them.

The Key2 also boasts a number of firsts for the firm, including a debut dual-lens rear camera (which sticks two 12-megapixel cameras together for perks like portrait mode and enhanced zoom).

It also touts the arrival of Speed Key: a universal shortcut key slotted at the bottom of the keyboard that, when tapped, lets you quickly access your apps, contacts, and most-used functions.

Then there’s the enhanced privacy features like the custom-built DTEK app that tells you how secure your phone is.

This lets you keep an eye on your apps, so you can axe the ones that are hoovering up too much data or snooping on you through the camera or mic.

There’s also BlackBerry’s Locker feature that touts a secure space to store (or hide) files and apps.

But the aluminium frame – with an eye-catching diamond-patterned back for extra grip – may be its saving grace as far as its design is concerned.

Rounding out the specs is a passable Snapdragon 660 chip, 6GB RAM and either 64GB or 128GB of storage.

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