Black Mirror viewers spot chilling Easter Eggs in season 5 that connect to previous series

Black Mirror viewers spot chilling Easter Eggs in season 5 that connect to previous series

BLACK Mirror viewers are convinced Charlie Brooker’s anthology lives in one universe due to these Easter Eggs that tie the disparate episodes together.

Thanks to fans in the Reddit community the main links in the latest series have been uncovered – prepare for your mind to be blown.

Black Mirror is packed with Easter Eggs relating to different episodes

SERIES FIVE SPOILERS AHEAD: Striking Vipers (season 5, ep 1) explores the unconventional relationship between two college friends when they reconnect via a virtual reality game.

To enter the computer-generated world that brings your desires to life, the two lead characters connect using some tech that is all too familiar to long time Black Mirror fans.

Although it’s not officially named, the implant and its subsequent effect on the user’s pupil look almost identical to other examples of eye tech that we’ve seen before in episodes like White Christmas (season 2, ep 4), Men Against Fire (season 3, ep 5) and The Entire History Of You (season 1, ep3).

In Smithereens (season 5, ep 2) Japanese game production company Saitogemu, from Playtest (season 3, ep 2) makes an appearance.

Striking Vipers is the first episode in the fifth series
It has links to White Christmas with John Hamm
Channel 4

The brand makes horror video games, and in the episode there are a bunch of hashtags referencing SaitoGemu in the Smithereen application.

In Bandersnatch, an on-screen TV news ticker foreshadows the events of the story with the words, “Committee Grills Smithereen CEO Billy Bauer Over Russian Bots”.

That’s not all, at Smithereen HQ, there are also numerous other characters and episodes referenced on a live news feed behind the reception desk, including Michael Callow, who is surprisingly still prime minister (remember National Anthem season 1, ep 1), not to mention Shou Saito, Sea of Tranquility, and a nod to San Junipero.

Finally, employees of the Smithereen company try and contact each other and at one point, the camera cuts to a close-up of the contact list in one of their phones.

In Smithereens there are links to season one, three, and Bandersnatch
Saitogemu from season three’s Playtest makes an appearance in Smithereens
Channel 4

Take a closer look and you’ll spot Jamie Salter, the failed comedian who starred in The Waldo Moment (season 2, ep 3), Naomi Blestow, the childhood friend of Lacie Pound in Nosedive (season 3, ep 1), and Abi Khan from Fifteen Million Merits (season 1, ep 2). There are more – see if you can spot them.

In Rachel, Jack and Ashely Too (season 5, ep 3) the classic song Anybody Who Knows What Love Is (Will Understand) pops up.

It was first heard in Fifteen Million Merits, and then again in White Christmas, Men Against Fire and Crocodile (season 4, ep 3).

There’s also an ad for grains – the implant seen in The Entire History of You – in the background of this episode.

The final episode in season five features a song heard in seasons one, two, three and four
Crocodile features a song that comes up in Rachel, Jack and Ashely Too

Last but not least, Sea of Tranquility.

It’s been puzzling fans ever since it was first mentioned in the very first episode of season one – The National Anthem – and then later popped up in Nosedive.

In Rachel, Jack, And Ashley Too on the Funtertainment Daily segment, the answer is finally revealed: it’s an anime TV show.

Fans are hoping for a fully-fledged episode of Sea of Tranquility in season six of Black Mirror.

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