Black Mirror Bandersnatch: Is Jerome F Davies real? Does he really exist?

Black Mirror Bandersnatch: Is Jerome F Davies real? Does he really exist?

Netflix has finally confirmed that Black Mirror: Bandersnatch will be dropping tomorrow (Friday, December 28) globally. Black Mirror: Bandersnatch is being billed as an “event” and is separate to the anthology series – even though it’s part of the same universe. The story follows a young computer programmer called Stefan (played by Finn Whitehead), who is helping to design a video game based on a novel called Bandersnatch by Jerome F. Davies.

The trailer follows Stefan as he begins working on a game called Bandersnatch, which is based on a weighty tome by Davies.

Stefan is later seen reading another book called The Lives of Jerome F. Davies, which seems to recount the strange writer’s life.

While talking to his colleague Colin (Will Poulter), Stefan defends the author and describes him as “a genius”.

Colin questions Stefan’s admiration, asking him: “Is he the guy that went cuckoo and cut his wife’s head off?”


As the trailer progresses, Stefan appears to be immersing himself further and further into the world of Bandersnatch and Davies as he continues working on the game.

Stefan is later seen watching a disturbing documentary about the writer’s life and his descent into insanity, perhaps serving as a warning that he could be walking down a similar path.

The book The Lives of Jerome F. Davies also seems to suggest that perhaps Stefan could also be the author himself and we could be watching his story playing out from a different point in time.

This theory could be compounded by the fact that Black Mirror: Bandersnatch is slated to be an interactive episode with a choose your own adventure.


Is Jerome F Davies real?

Jerome F. Davies does not appear to be real author but rather a fictional creation for the purposes.

His books, too, appear to be fictitious – with Bandersnatch actually created by Alice in Wonderland creator Lewis Carroll and appears in Through The Looking Glass and The Hunting of the Snark.

There also appears to be a Lewis Carroll reference in the trailer with Stefan apparently stepping through a mirror.

However, Bandersnatch is rooted in reality with a video game of the same name being advertised in 1984 (the year in which the Black Mirror story is based).

Black Mirror fans have done some digging and found adverts for a video game called Bandersnatch which was in the developmental stages but never completed.

Bandersnatch was being made by a company called Imagine Software, who were developing the so-called mega-game which was being hailed as the next generation of games.

The mega-game required an add-on and needed additional software but none of this came into fruition sadly because Imagine went under as a company.

Black Mirror creator Charlie Brooker seems to have been inspired by this story and used it as the basis for Bandersnatch.

There’s the sense that Bandersnatch will only offer a suitably sci-fi take on this real-life tale while paying homage to Eighties videos games and pop culture such as David Cronenberg’s Videodrome and the likes of Max Headroom.

Black Mirror: Bandersnatch will be released on Netflix Friday, December 28

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