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BBC Breakfast: Sally Nugent STUNNED as Dan Walker takes shock swipe at Louise Minchin

BBC Breakfast host Dan Walker was eager to discuss his Post Office activities with fellow presenter Steph McGovern and sports reporter Sally this morning.

But the conversation quickly turned as Steph argued the service’s relevance today, to which Dan claimed he loves his local branch.

The broadcast journalist shared he goes in “twice a week”, and even revealed the store’s clerk usually asks about his colleagues.

Dan announced: “I love a little trip in to buy some stamps!

“But most of them ask about you, Steph. ‘How’s Steph? Oh, she’s all right – we love Steph!’”

He then went on to mimic the clerk further, claiming they ask about beloved weather forecaster Carol Kirkwood as well.

He continued: “‘Carol? How’s Carol today? Oh she’s all right.’”

Sally Nugent was eager to inquire about Dan’s regular co-host Louise Minchin, however.

“What about Louise?” the journalist asked with a grin.

Dan smirked before replying: “No, just Steph and Carol I’m afraid.”

This announcementstunned Sally as the speechless presenter stared directly into the camera.

Yesterday’s edition of BBC Breakfast saw Dan poking fun at Carol.

With news about golfer Tiger Woods circling, Dan pointed out Carol’s similarity to the sportsman.

Speaking to the camera he announced: “Carol’s wearing Tiger Woods red today!”

He chuckled and went on to add: “Take it away Tiger!”

Shouting through a huge gust of wind Carol introduced her weather report.

She yelled: “Good morning! I have been called many things in my life, but never Tiger Woods before!”

Dan couldn’t help but continue laughing as Carol reported the week’s weather.

Carol didn’t appear to be showing any similarities to other sports stars during this morning’s show.

BBC Breakfast airs weekdays at 6am on BBC One.


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