Average Brit Spends Five Years Of Their Life Feeling Bored


THE average Brit spends five years of their life feeling BORED, according to a study.

A survey of 2,000 adults found we succumb to boredom twice a day on average – amounting to a daily total of two hours.

Getty – Contributor 23% of Brits said they’re most likely to be bored at work Doing the washing-up, de-mossing the patio and buying socks were identified as some of the dullest things in the UK.

Other mundane aspects of day-to-day life include taking the bins out, scrolling through the photos of food uploaded to social media and cricket.

Commissioned by the British Heart Foundation to encourage the public to make the most of their free-time by volunteering, the study found almost half of those polled think life is boring.

And despite having an average of around four hours of free time a day, 34 per cent admit they tend to ‘waste it’ by doing absolutely nothing or filling the time with tedious tasks.

Formula One, company meetings and building flat pack furniture also leave Brits pining for more excitement.

Cleaning the windows, the daily commute and tap water bore the pants of us too – as do being kept on hold, getting a haircut and queuing in the post office.

Getty – Contributor The British Heart Foundation want bored people to spend their time volunteering

Getty – Contributor 34% of people admit to wasting their free time Linda Fenn, head of volunteering at the British Heart Foundation, said: “No one likes to be bored, so we’re encouraging the public to put those ‘empty’ hours to good use and join our volunteering team.

“Volunteering is not only a great way to increase wellbeing and self-esteem but also meet new people and learn new skills.

“Each year the British Heart Foundation funds over £100 million of research into all heart and circulatory diseases but we couldn’t do it without the amazing support of our volunteer network.

“Every penny generated by volunteers helps to fund our vital research into heart disease, stroke, vascular dementia and diabetes.”

On a typical day, peak tedium occurs at 1.10pm – with this time officially the dullest point of the day, according those polled.

Although 23 per cent said they are most likely to be bored at work, a third reckon boredom usually hits when they are at home.

Getty – Contributor One quarter of those polled think life’s more boring than when they were a child And a quarter believe life is more dull now than it was when they were a child – with 53 per cent fearing that life is passing them by.

Carried out through OnePoll.com, the survey found six in 10 wish they used their free time in a more fulfilling way.

And 47 per cent admit they often feel they have wasted their weekends – having done nothing noteworthy.

It also emerged around half think volunteering is or would be a rewarding use of their free time.

Getty – Contributor Brits find watching Formula 1 one of the most boring things to do Three quarters of the population have volunteered at some point – and of those who have 75 per cent agreed it was time well spent.

Linda Fenn added: “Whatever time you can give as a volunteer to the BHF, will make a difference.

“Whether it is an hour or two a week in a shop, sometime every month as part of a fundraising group, or cheering or stewarding at a local event once a year.

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