Arsenal star Bellerin urges men to ‘speak out’ against Alabama abortion law

HECTOR BELLERIN has been praised online over his inspirational tweet after urging men to “speak out” against Alabama’s draconian abortion law.

The US state recently passed a new bill to ban nearly all abortions – including cases of rape and incest – with doctors facing 99 years in prison should they carry them out.

Arsenal star Hector Bellerin has spoken up about the strict abortion laws in America
PA:Press Association

While Missouri followed suit last night to become the latest state to vote in favour of restrictive abortion laws.

Speaking of the issue, Arsenal ace Bellerin called out the football industry for being “too scared” to talk about the issue, while also stating the bill “isn’t just an issue for women”.

The 24-year-old tweeted: “I wanted to see if anyone from our industry would speak out about the abortion bill, but I guess people are too scared.

“This isn’t just an issue for women, it’s one for every human being.

“We fight for equality and this is something men should fight for and not hide away from.”

The Spanish right-back – currently sidelined with a knee injury – has been heralded as a “credit to the profession” by one Twitter user for commenting on the serious debate.

While another person said: “Crucial on the pitch and a true role model off it. When others would rather stay quiet about pressing issues, you consistently draw attention to environment, discrimination, charity work, the importance of being yourself and now this. You’re a true credit to the club.”

Another added: “Stood up for minorities whenever they’ve been under attack when he doesn’t have to. Proud he wears the crest.”

One said: “Well said well done. You are a human first and a footballer 2nd. People often say footballers should stick to football but I think it’s great you can use your influence.”

While another simply stated: “Always impressed by the environmental, social and gender issues that you raise. I wonder if it’s a vocation you’ll take up when you retire form football.”

Another simply stated: “You are a star, Hector. Thank you for speaking up, for talking about the difficult things and for never backing down. I miss you and hope to see you back soon.”



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