‘Anxious’ Prince Harry was ‘desperate to avoid William’ at Easter church service as ‘rift widens’, body language expert claims

ALL eyes were on Prince William and Prince Harry as they arrived at an Easter church service with the Royal Family at St George’s Chapel in Windsor earlier today.

The brothers – who normally walk in side-by-side on such occasions – set tongues wagging by arriving separately for the service amid rumours of a feud… and now a body language expert has claimed Prince Harry was “desperate to avoid” his older brother.

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Harry and William added ‘fuel to the fire’ by arriving to the Royals’ annual Easter church service separately, body language expert Judi James has claimed[/caption]

Speaking to Fabulous Online, body language expert Judi James said: “Even the act of arriving and leaving the Easter service separately was guaranteed to deepen speculation of a widening rift between William and Harry.

“But it was Harry’s peculiar body language behaviour once he was in closer proximity to his brother that really added to the huge question that has been hanging over their heads for months.”

Prince Harry attended the annual service without heavily pregnant Meghan Markle but walked in ahead of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Describing how Prince Harry was “desperate to avoid” William, Judi added: “Harry, Kate and William had always been so well bonded but suddenly it was Harry looking serious and using body language cues to hint at some heightened levels of anxiety when he was with them.

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Judi James claims Kate Middelton , Prince William and Harry lacked their usual ‘spark’ today[/caption]

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Judi noted how ‘anxious’ Harry avoided eye contact with his brother throughout the day[/caption]

“The kind of kidding and fun between Harry and William seemed to vanish, as did many of their rituals of eye contact and tie-signs.”

But while the world focused on rumours of an alleged feud between sisters-in-law Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton at the end of last year, Judi claims that the brothers could have been growing apart for some time.

Referencing how Kate Middleton went out of her way to interact with sister-in-law Meghan Markle on Christmas Day, the expert added: “In retrospect this probably did draw attention away from the fact that William and Harry appeared to use very little if anything in the way of conversation with one another.

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Judi claims Harry was ‘darting around and avoiding William’[/caption]


Commenting on how Meghan and Kate put on a very public and friendly show at Christmas, Judi said: “Easter church might have been a time for the brothers to do as their wives did and engineer a small spot of non-verbal PR to put rumours of a rift to bed.

“So it was puzzling to see Harry walk into and out of the church apart from the couple he has been so close to, and to appear to dart around avoiding William when proximity did make some sort of contact inevitable.

“Harry appeared to lean across to talk to Kate and she did smile and laugh in response, but there was no sign of the usual spark between her brother-in-law and her husband.”

What’s more, when Prince William did eventually catch up with his brother, Judi noted that “there was no eye contact between them before Harry turned and walked away.”

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The body language expert noted how Prince William and Harry barely spoke to each other while arriving at church on Christmas Day[/caption]

Harry’s ‘peculiar’ body language included striding ahead of his brother and keeping his head ‘ducked down’
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Describing how Harry was doing his best to “avoid” his brother, Judi added: “He then seemed to dart in two different directions as William turned to face him, ending standing away by a wall with his head ducked down.”

Although Harry’s uncomfortable body language “may have been a series of “unfortunate moments”, the expert also said that it he is “probably quietly anxious about Meghan, who is due to give birth to their first child soon.”

Judi concluded: “It still wouldn’t explain why – knowing the speculation about their relationship – Harry and William would chose to add fuel to the rumours rather than damping them down by arriving separately and keeping apart.”

In more Royal Family news, fans believe that Meghan Markle was deliberately left out of Kate Middleton and Prince William’s birthday tribute to The Queen.

And Royal fans think Meghan Markle is “holding in” the baby to not offend the Queen on her 93rd birthday.

Plus Meghan Markle OWES it to Brits to make Baby Sussex’s birth public, a royal commentator has claimed.



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