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Angela Merkel 'flexing muscles' with Emmanuel Macron at EU summit – PM 'laying down LAW'

Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron are two power players in Europe and have played a large part in Brexit negotiations.

Today they arrived in Brussels at the end of an EU summit focused on Brexit.

The European leaders and the British Prime Minister have agreed a short delay to Britain’s divorce from the European Union in the hope of ensuring an orderly Brexit.

What does an expert make of the body language between the two national leaders?

Body language expert Judi James told the French politician looks like the German leader’s “son”.

She said: “It looks clear from their performance at Brussels that Merkel was flexing her power muscles and possibly laying down the law to her French counterpart.

“The pair still walked together in a show of superficial unity but Macron’s responses to Merkel made him look more like her ‘Son’ than ‘Sun King’.”

Judi claimed that it is an unspoken rule in leadership behaviour that the one doing the gesticulating will always look higher status and more dominant and in charge than the one being forced to listen.

She said: “In the past this has led to some famous clashes when both leaders attempt to wave their arms about at once for the cameras but it was Merkel’s day, as Macron went into compliant mode, using some active listening signals to confirm the implication that he was getting something of an ear-bashing from the German leader.”

Angela used the ‘The Invisible Brick’ had gesture to signal “she is discussing a problem but also wanting to suggests it’s a problem she is in charge of.”

Macron has a “submissively lowered head” when speaking to the German leader.

Judi claims Macron displays a “fascinating” chewing of his own thumbnail.

She said: “Nail biting can look like a gesture of anxiety but it can also be a self-attack, relating to the habit of animals to pull their own hair or fur when an attack on an enemy has been thwarted and they turn their anger on themselves.

“So, this could signal politely suppressed frustration and hint that he might be planning a fight-back at some later stage.”

Emmanuel Macron has criticised the UK for leaving the EU. 

He has now stated Parliament should approve the deal negotiated by Prime Minister Theresa May.

Talking today he said: “n the case of a negative British vote then we’d be heading to a no deal.

“We all know it. And it’s essential to be clear in these days and moments.”

A revoke Article 50 petition has been signed by millions of Britons called for Brexit to cancelled. 


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