Andrea McLean: ‘This show is horrible’ Saturday Morning guest left unimpressed with chef

Andrea McLean: ‘This show is horrible’ Saturday Morning guest left unimpressed with chef

Loose Women star Andrea McLean, 49, joined James Martin, 47, on his Saturday Morning show today to promote her new book.

During her time on the ITV show, she tried out a baby onion served as part of a dish by chef Daniel Galmiche.

Andrea tried the onion, but swiftly turned her nose up as she admitted she didn’t like the taste.

After James realised she wasn’t enjoying it, she replied: “That is horrible, why would you eat a…,” before James offered his hand for her to spit it out.

She replied: “I’m not going to spit it in your hand,” as she struggled to keep the food in her mouth.

James then joked: “I didn’t say eat it,” before she queried: “What was I suppose to do with it?”

She then said: “I’ve swallowed it, I didn’t know what else to do,” before drinking some wine to remove the taste.

After James joked further about her reaction, she replied: “This programme is horrible!”

Earlier on in the show, James also encouraged Andrea to try out some chilli.

The Loose Women star hesitently sniffed the chilli before taking the pot away from James in fear he was going to put it in her face. 

As Andrea took a closer look at the chilli, James could be heard saying: “Try it, it’s not hot.”

Andrea then looked to the camera and jokingly said: “I don’t trust him.”

After sniffing the item, she then turned to James and said: “Yeah, it is very smokey.”

Earlier on in the cooking show, James urged Andrea to try out a fish dish.

The mother-of-two gazed at a piece of cod on a plate which was placed next to sauce .

The Loose Women star asked what the sauce was, to which James replied: “That’s some spicey ginger sauce that goes with it.”

The chef then encouraged her to dip a piece of the fish in the sauce.

She hesistently replied: “A little tiny bit,” as she scraped the sauce with her food.

Andrea could then be heard saying: “Am I being set up for a practical joke? Are you going to make a lady cry?”

But despite her fears, Andrea had a mouthful of the fish and appeared to like the dish.

Saturday Morning airs weekly on ITV from 9.25am.

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