Amanda Holden: ‘They always please him’ BGT judge in racy revelation with husband

Amanda Holden: ‘They always please him’ BGT judge in racy revelation with husband

Britain’s Got Talent judge Amanda Holden, 48, tied the knot with her second husband Chris Hughes in 2008.

The pair share seven-year-old daughter Hollie and Alexa, 13, together.

Despite a hectic schedule, Amanda insisted she still finds “special” time with her husband and even wears a particular item for him.

Spilling all in an interview with OK! Magazine, she said: “My knee-high boots come out on special occasions – they always please my husband Chris.”

Earlier this year, Amanda also made a reference to her husband as she discussed her racy outfits worn on the ITV show.

This year on Britain’s Got Talent, she caused a stir by wearing nipple covers as part of a braless outfit.

A few of the star’s risqué choices have reportedly prompted hundreds of viewers to complain to Ofcom.

Amanda said despite the controversy from viewers, she didn’t have any complaints from her husband at home.

“My t**s seem to become the show’s biggest talking point every year,” she told The Sun newspaper.

“We’ve had plenty of complaints apparently, but none from home, let me tell you.”

Amanda Holden previously said her husband Chris puts her on a “naughty step” when she reveals too much information about their personal lives.

She told “Much to my poor husband’s dismay, I confess everything to some newspaper or other every week by accident or on Twitter, because I am chatty I have no more secrets because of social media and life in general.

She added: “I wear my heart on my sleeve and most people know everything about me.

“Obviously, there are things that are still personal that I wouldn’t broadcast but mostly this is it.”

When asked if she regrets things she has said about the pair, she added: “Oh god! All the time! Every week!

“Every week when I sit on the naughty step because Chris puts me there.”

Elsewhere, Amanda Holden recently beat Holly Willoughby, 38, to this year’s Rear of the Year title.

Rear of the Year organiser Tony Edwards told The Metro said: “[Amanda] has a particularly shapely, well-toned and, above all, proportionate and understated rear.

“In contrast to the somewhat exaggerated, fake, cosmetic look for bottoms, recently imported from the USA.”

Britain’s Got Talent: The Champions airs Saturday 31 August on ITV.

Read the full interview in this week’s OK! Magazine out now.

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