Alan Carr and Adele secret friendship: How Adele paid for Alan Carr's wedding

Alan Carr and Adele secret friendship: How Adele paid for Alan Carr's wedding

Alan Carr married his boyfriend of 10 years Paul Drayton in January 2018. Their ceremony was said to be a “small, private ceremony” with their family and friends in Los Angeles. But the former host of Channel 4 chat show Chatty Man’s wedding was not without its surprises – including details about who foot the bill for his big day.

Alan Carr and Adele have been “best friends” for years so it was only natural she have a big role in the special day.

The Make You Feel My Love singer was very generous with her wedding gift, as she paid for both the ceremony and reception. 

And the pop star even officiated over the wedding in in the back garden of her Los Angeles home and also sang for their first dance.

Posting on Instagram, she revealed : “Seeing as the cat’s out the bag. I married two of my best friends in January.

“You know me any excuse to dress up… @chattyman #LoveisLove.”

Carr had announced the marriage in January – but at that point only said he had tied the knot in a “small, private ceremony”.

But speaking to the Daily Mail later, he said: “It was a very special day. She was amazing. She got ordained.

“I said, ‘Let me pay for something,’ and she said: ‘No, I’m paying.’ She paid for the whole thing.

“She’s known me and Paul for ages, and she said, ‘I want to do your special day. Let me do everything.’

“So she did everything, and she got ordained, and she married us. She is the kindest, most sweetest, loveliest person ever.”

Alan didn’t reveal what song she sang during their first dance but said she organised the flowers and the meal. 

Adele also paid for the couple to fly Las Vegas to watch Celine Dion.

He said: “We go to see Celine, there in the audience, in great seats. And there’s this guy in front shouting ‘Celine!’. 

“And I said to Adele “if he knew Adele was sitting behind me…”

“And she said: “Shall I whisper in his ear – Hello It’s Me.”

Over in the USA, organisations including American Marriage Ministries and Universal Life Ministries allow people to get ordained online for free.

The singer, who is worth an estimated £125 million, posted a photo of her standing in front of a wall with hundreds of white roses, wearing a long, sheer robe.

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