Aid Workers Gang-raped 14-year-old Refugees And Bought Sex From Young Girls For A Dollar, Horrific Report Reveals


AID workers gang-raped young refugees and bought sex from them, a horrific report into abuse in the charity sector revealed – TEN years ago.

MPs have heard reports of sick incidents that occurred overseas, as part of an investigation into exploitation.

AFP Allegations were heard that aid workers paid people in Haiti for sex after the disaster in 2011

Shocking stories emerged from the report, which was released years before the Oxfam scandal shocked the world earlier this year.

Trusted charity employees were reported to have been abused and families were powerless to act, MPs on the International Development Committee heard.

Corinna Csáky, an International Child Development Consultant, gave evidence to MPs today.

“These children are living in extreme poverty, and without their parents, many are using transaction sex just to survive,” she said.

Parliament.TV Corinna Csáky shared her knowledge and experience of the abuse in the aid sector

She recounted stories included a young homeless girl being taken to a man who worked for an aid organisation.

“He gave her one American dollar and the little girl was happy to see the money,” the boy said.

“It was two in the morning. The man took her and raped her. In the morning the little girl could not walk.”

And a 14-year-old boy in Cote D’Ivore said workers at a peacekeeping camp would sometimes ask for girls his age.

“Often it will be between eight and 10 men who will share two or three girls. They also use their mobile phones to film the girls.”

Children and parents said they were unable to report the abuse.

Getty – Contributor Oxfam GB was suspended from operating in Haiti following allegations of sexual exploitation

“The people who are raping us and the people in the office are the same people,” according to a young girl in Haiti.

A father in Cote d’Ivoire said: “They don’t even hide what they are doing.”

“Abusers are both foreign and national staff,” she added, and that some of the humanitarian staff are often local people who are employed by charities.

“Many victims and survivors see this abuse as a fact of life – they feel they don’t need to report it.”

Oxfam’s executive director Winnie Byanyima says she is ‘heartbroken’ as sexual misconduct scandal unfolds in Haiti

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