Ackley Bridge Stars Praised For Heartbreaking Episode About Child Abuse As Kimberley Walsh Makes Her Acting Debut


STARS of Ackley Bridge have been praised by viewers for their acting skills in a heartbreaking child abuse storyline.

Fans of the show took to twitter to praise the actors for an emotional scene where Jordan was beaten by his father in last night’s episode.

Twitter/SamRetford Sam Retford plays Corrie in the drama

Twitter/actorsjcb Sam Bottomley plays Jordan

After Jordan [Sam Bottomley] and his brother Corey [Sam Retford] played a prank where they attempted to sell a pair of alpacas, their father was called into the school.

This ended in heartbreaking consequences for Jordan when he returned home.

Jordan got into an argument with his dad, which resulted in his dad pushing him to the ground and beating him.

While the camera didn’t show any violence, brother Cory could be seen reacting to the incident.

Jordan is dragged and beaten by his dad

Jordan is left on the floor

Fans have since praised the boy’s performances, with many being left in tears.

“This week’s episode of #AckleyBridge was emotional,” one wrote on Twitter.

While another said: “#ackleybridge is so good. This episode was heartbreaking. The lads that play Cory and Jordan did very well.”

A third added: “Genuinely haven’t cried during an episode like i did today #ackleybridge.”

Another wrote: “#AckleyBridge so emotional Jordan & Corey’s abuse from father proper crying. Great acting from these boys.”

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