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Where Is Survival Of The Fittest Filmed? South African Savannah Filming Location For Itv2’s ‘winter Love Island’ Revealed



SURVIVAL Of The Fittest is a brand new reality TV show which will see contestants endure a series of challenges for a cash prize.

The first episode of the series – which combines dating and competition, and has been touted as the ‘Winter Love Island’ – was broadcast on ITV2 on February 11 at 9pm. But where is the show filmed?

Getty – Contributor Survival Of The Fittest is filmed in the South African savannah

Where is Survival Of The Fittest filmed?

Like Love Island last summer, Survival Of The Fittest is filmed in a sun-drenched location with host Laura Whitmore at the helm.

Instead of Majorca, the attractive single men and women – who take part in both mental and physical challenges, while also taking the opportunity to find love  – are in the South African savannah.

Viewers will see contestants pitted against each other, and also allowed enjoy some romance, before the UK public decides who to boot off the savannah.

A statement from ITV last year, when the show was first announced, read: “ITV2’s younger audience will no doubt relish the escapism this immersive physical game show from sunny South Africa will provide next winter.”

Getty – Contributor Young men and women will be competing against each other in the sunny country

What do we know about the lodge?

Ahead of the show’s premiere, The Sun’s Bizarre Column was given an exclusive look at the luxurious digs that the contestants will call home, dubbed The Lodge.

Teams sleep in their own boys and girls dorms but there could be some much-welcomed bed hopping as no doors separate the two areas.

And condoms will be supplied in preparation of sexy moments under the covers between the twelve competitors.

Contestants live in luxury accommodation The Lodge features a pool that overlooks an African waterhole where contestants may want to cool off after competing against each other in gruelling challenges.

Contestants each have their own Apple smartwatch to instruct them to their next challenge or romantic date.

The shower and bathtub are located outside and the teams can prepare for nights out at the beauty station.

There’s no escaping the cameras with 76 installed to capture all the action from inside The Lodge that also features a natural fire pit, gym and fully equipped kitchen.

The contestants are allocated dorms, with no doors to separate them

What is the South African savannah?

The savannah in the country of South Africa is an area of large grassland where trees are so widely spaced they only cover about 20 per cent of the surface.

It is a place home to the ‘big five’ –  lion, leopard, elephant, buffalo and rhino – which draw frequent safaris.

Whether the show’s contestants will encounter any such wildlife is yet to be seen.

Getty Images – Getty Laura Whitmore hosts the show


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