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Emmerdale’s Debbie Dingle Breaks Down As She Struggles To Cope With The Guilt Of Ross Barton’s Acid Attack



DEBBIE Dingle’s guilt is becoming too much for her in Emmerdale as she faces the reality Ross Barton’s acid attack.

Viewers know how the businesswoman – who is played by actress Charley Webb in the ITV soap – is responsible for the attack on Ross after asking Simon the drug dealer to “wipe the smile off Joseph’s face” and attack him.

ITV Debbie Dingle broke down in tears as she saw Ross Barton in hospital

Unfortunately Simon used acid and got Joseph mixed up for Ross, leaving Debbie’s ex in agony and suffering horrific burns after the attack.

And now Debbie’s guilt is getting the better of her with her breaking down though she’s now built up the courage to face Ross – and at least try to confess.

“I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to get in,” she told him, shaking as she walked into his hospital room.

But discovering that Ross had to have surgery to remove parts of his face after the shocking attack, Debbie could barely hide her emotions.

ITV Ross told her to be careful as his attacker is still out there

And when Ross asked her if she was alright, unaware of her role in causing his injuries, she totally lost it.

He said: “You looking after yourself? You’ve got to be dead careful Debs, if it was that guy from the garage then he could come back.”

Crying, she told him: “I don’t want you to be worrying about me.”

Later, seeing how much pain Ross was in, Debbie tried to confess about what she had done.

ITV She started sobbing and Ross gave her a hub Emmerdale’s Ross Barton screams in pain after acid is thrown in his face

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