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Celebs Go Dating Love Experts Eden Blackman And Nadia Essex Reveal How You Can Have The Best Valentine’s Night Ever – Even If You’re Single!



CELEBS Go Dating’s love experts have revealed how you can have the best Valentine’s Day ever – even if you’re single.

Eden Blackman and Nadia Essex have worked their magic on a whole host of celebrities on the E4 dating show.

Rex Features Celebs Go Dating’s love experts Nadia Essex and Eden Blackman have shared their top tips for Valentine’s Day

And now, the love guru’s are sharing their top tips on how you can make the most romantic day of the year one to remember this year.


If you’re in a relationship

Alamy Don’t under-estimate the power of flowers

Say it with flowers

It might sound obvious but don’t under estimate the power of flowers.

Nadia said: “If a guy walks through a train station with a big bunch of flowers, every single girl goes ‘ahhhh’

“Flowers are a way to make a girl feel ridiculously special for as little as £20 and you’ll get brownie points for life if you deliver them to her work place where everyone can see how special she is.

“It’s way better to make the effort that not. And ladies, don’t forget to tell him how happy the gesture made you feel. It’ll inspire him to do it again!”

Instagram The pair think both men and women should dress to impress

Dress to impress

Eden advises: “If you’re having dinner at home, it’s easy but lazy to wear the same clothes you wear every night (probably a Van Halen t-shirt and joggers).

“Tonight wear something clean and nice – it reflects the effort that you’ve put into the dinner and everything around it.

“If you’ve dressed up, your partner’s going to want to take the clothes off.”

Times Newspapers Ltd Think about the food you’re going to serve if you’re cooking at home

Bring some porn, food porn that is!

Valentine’s should be a sensory experience, and that includes what you put on your plate for your date.

Nadia explained: “Don’t just shove dinner on the table, Valentine’s is about exciting the senses.

“For a man to woo a woman, he has to seduce her mind before her body so get the taste buds going with some indulgent food.

“When it comes to dating, calories don’t count so order and eat whatever you want. There’s nothing more attractive to a guy than a girl who enjoys her food.”

Eden also recommends having steak as part of your meal, because: “Eating steak is great for your sex life because it’s full of zinc, which increases testosterone levels.

Celebs Go Dating experts feared they would never find love for Gemma Collins

Alamy Ditch the phones and focus on each other on Valentine’s Day

Don’t be a phoney

It goes without saying that being glued to your phone all evening is not the recipe for romance.

Eden said: “Turning off our phones off is like dental floss for our mind, we’re so reliant on what we see on our phones for conversation – a picture or something on social media.

“It’s the same with TV, especially if kids are in the equation. All you want to do after you’ve put them to bed is sit on the sofa and relax.

“Tonight, turn off the TV and your phone, sit down and ask your partner questions like: “How’s everything? or ‘how was your day?’”
Nadia continued: “Again it comes down to effort and, ultimately, the more you put in, the more rewards you get.

“Soon what felt like a big effort in the beginning becomes the norm and feels good because you’ve got communication and a great relationship.”

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