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Health3 hours ago

When Were Tampons Invented, What Were The Early Ones Made From And Where Were They First Used?

TODAY, 70 percent of women use tampons – tightly-pressed, cotton plugs that are inserted into the vagina – when they’re...

Health8 hours ago

‘snapchat Dysmorphia’ Blamed For Worrying New Plastic Surgery Trend

SOCIAL media app Snapchat became famed for its fun face filters, which can transform your facial filters Now surgeons say...

Health2 days ago

These Ten Tips From Experts Could Help You Fight Off Period Pain

EVERY woman knows the inconveniences having your period brings – but no one would have imagined being thrown off a...

Health2 days ago

Toddler Allergic To Her Own Tears Breaks Out In Painful Blisters Seconds After Crying

A TODDLER is allergic to her own tears and every time she cried her cheeks to turn red and blister within...

Health2 days ago

How To Do Pelvic Floor Exercises – Can Men Do Them And Why Should Pregnant Women Do Kegels?

WOMAN should be doing daily pelvic floor exercises to boost their sex life and fertility, according to medical experts. So...

Health2 days ago

What Does The Prostate Do, Can You Live Without It And What Happens When You Have It Removed?

THE prostate is a male reproductive organ which surrounds the neck of the bladder which releases a fluid component of semen....

Health2 days ago

Why Millions Of Brits Should Wear A Scarf As The Icy ‘beast From The East’ Hits This Weekend – And It’s Not To Keep Warm

MILLIONS of Brits are being urged to wrap up in a scarf this weekend as the “Beast from the East”...


Tech4 hours ago

Samsung Launches Galaxy S9 With Focus On Social Media

BARCELONA/SEOUL – Samsung Electronics Co Ltd unveiled its flagship Galaxy S9 smartphone on Sunday with an emphasis on visual applications...

Tech4 hours ago

How Long Does It Take To Travel To Mars, What Was Elon Musk’s Latest Spacex Launch And When Could Humans Reach The Red Planet?

EVER wondered how long it would take to get to Mars? With Elon Musk’s successful launch of the world’s most...

Tech5 hours ago

Samsung Galaxy S9 Pre-order – The Best Deals, Prices And Where To Buy

LOOKING to buy the new Samsung Galaxy S9? The good news is that it’s already available for pre-order. We’ve got...

Tech6 hours ago

Nokia Phones To Expand To High-end While Also Striking Nostalgia Chord

BARCELONA – Seeking to capitalize on a remarkable comeback over the past year, Nokia phones are expanding to include their...

Tech6 hours ago

Samsung Galaxy S9 Hands-on Review – Is This The Best Phone Ever?

SAMSUNG has unveiled its flagship blower for 2018, the Samsung Galaxy S9 – and The Sun has already had a...

Tech6 hours ago

Samsung Galaxy S9 Vs Galaxy S8 – There’s A New Top Android Blower, But What’s New?

GOT last year’s model and looking to upgrade to the new Samsung Galaxy S9? Or buying a new phone and...

Tech6 hours ago

Samsung Galaxy S9 Vs Iphone X – All The Main Differences Between These Smartphone Titans

IF you’ve got money to burn and you’re looking for the best smartphone you can buy right now, you’re probably...

Tech6 hours ago

Samsung Galaxy S9 Vs Iphone 8 – What’s The Right Phone For You?

THE new Samsung Galaxy S9 is finally official, and it’s a clear rival to Apple’s iPhone 8. If you’re considering...

Tech6 hours ago

Samsung Galaxy S9 Vs Google Pixel 2 – We Compare These Top Iphone Rivals

IF you’re looking for a new iPhone alternative, you’re probably considering the Google Pixel 2 and Samsung Galaxy S9. But...

Tech6 hours ago

Samsung Galaxy S9 Vs Galaxy S9+ – all The Differences You Need To Know About

SAMSUNG’S new smartphones are finally official, but which one is right for you: the Galaxy S9 or Galaxy S9+? We’ve...

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