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The Best Way To Cook Perfect Pancakes Every Time Has Been Revealed… But Would You Try It?



SHROVE Tuesday is finally here, and we’re all excited to feed our sweet (or savoury) tooth with stacks of fluffy pancakes.

However, cooking a pancake is tricky, and most early attempts, however tasty, end up as a bit of a mess.

Alamy Pancakes are one of the most delicious treats

ViralHog has posted a video to YouTube with an interesting hack for how to cook a perfect pancake every time.

Although they are using a special pancake skillet, the same effect could probably be achieved with a clean frying pan, if you want to give it a try at home.

The clever trick involves dipping the bottom of your pan into the batter, and then placing the pan upside down on the stove.

By dipping it in, the pancake mixture spreads in a perfectly even layer, so you don’t end up with an uneven or burnt fail.

Firstly, you must dip your pan into the batter (Credit: ViralHog)

The pancake then cooks evenly on the stove (Credit: ViralHog)

After it’s cooked, the pan can be flipped to easily drop your pancake onto your stack (Credit: ViralHog)

Once it has cooked to perfection, the pan can simply be flipped over again and the pancake then slide onto a plate.

This ensure that all the pancakes are even sized, evenly cooked, and perfectly round.

One impressed YouTube commenter posted that it has “changed [their] life forever”.

However, some people may find this a boring option – because where’s the fun in Pancake Day if you’re not trying to flip it in the air (and most likely failing)?

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