Inside The World Of John Mcafee – The Gun-toting ‘fugitive’ Anti-virus Pioneer Who Fears He’s Being Watched After Murder And Rape Accusations

Inside The World Of John Mcafee – The Gun-toting ‘fugitive’ Anti-virus Pioneer Who Fears He’s Being Watched After Murder And Rape Accusations

ANTI-VIRUS guru John McAfee has this week gone on the run AGAIN claiming he fears for his life and that the US Government is out to get him.The move c

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ANTI-VIRUS guru John McAfee has this week gone on the run AGAIN claiming he fears for his life and that the US Government is out to get him.

The move comes just five-and-a-half years after he fled Central American cops after they named him as a “person of interest” in the death of his neighbour in Belize.

Getty Images – Getty Anti-virus pioneer John McAfee has led an astonishingly bizarre life

But these are just two of the many bizarre episodes in the 72-year-old Britain-born businessman’s incredibly colourful life.

McAfee was born in 1945 on a US Army base in Gloucestershire before moving to the US where he was raised in Virginia.

His father, whom he’s described as a violent alcoholic, killed himself when McAfee was aged just 15.

As a young man he developed a love of drugs, and in particular, LSD. According to Wired, he would drop acid in the morning before going to work for the day.

Rex Features The 72-year-old has made headlines for repeated colourful episodes involving police and drug taking

Reuters Here he is pictured during a trip to hospital in Guatemala in 2012

Here he is pictured with two women during his time in Central America

On another occasion, he experimented with a psychedelic called DMT. He ended up snorting the entire bag of the substance.

“Within an hour my mind was shattered”, he said, adding that he went to work but couldn’t concentrate and wound up hiding behind a garbage can hearing voices.

During this time, around 1983, he was snorting lines of cocaine at work daily as well as selling it to his subordinates at the engineering firm he worked for.

He was also popping quaaludes and drinking scotch throughout the afternoon.

John McAfee McAfee pictured this week in a video posted on his Twitter account

Eventually he sobered up, and by the mid 1980s had landed a job as a software engineer for Lockheed.

This was when the first known computer virus emerged – which he decided to try and crack himself.

By 1987 he had established himself as the world’s leading anti-virus expert, and founded McAfee Associates, a revolutionary computer antivirus company.

Thanks to his policy of giving away the product for free and charging for customer support, it became an instant hit. He sold his stake to Intel in 1994, netting around £60million.

The money funded an opulent playboy lifestyle which included buying homes in Hawaii, Arizona, Colorado and New Mexico, as well as indulging his hobby of aerotrekking – flying unlicensed microlight aircraft at low altitude and breakneck speeds.

Twitter / John McAfee Here he is supposedly posing up with armed guards

Having gained a harem of female followers at a sex yoga ashram he established, according to Vice, McAfee then used fake social media accounts to try boost the sport’s popularity.

But, entangled in a lawsuit over a flying accident which killed his nephew, the increasingly wacky McAfee fed the press stories about being wiped out by the GFC, sold all his property at bargain prices and headed for the Central American jungle.

He moved to Belize in 2008, thinking he would “retire and fish, scuba dive, sail and otherwise enjoy my declining years”, reported.

He was 63 at the time, but said he only remained retired for a few months. He lived on the North Island of San Pedro, where roads were impassable and the main mode of transport was the ferry service.

Although it was meant to be an escape from business, he ended up starting an antibiotics company within a few months of moving there.

At some point during this time he began posting on drug-taking message boards about attempts to purify the compounds within bath salts, Gizmodo reports.

Twitter McAfee poses with a gun and a dog

Writing under the handle “stuffmonger”, he posted: “I’m a huge fan of MDPV. I think it’s the finest drug ever conceived, not just for the indescribable hyper-sexuality, but also for the smooth euphoria and mild comedown.”

He recommended to other users the method of drug-taking known as “plugging” or “shelving”, which involved taking the drug via rectal insertion.

But his latest business venture turned to ruin when local cops raided the property in search of evidence of drug making.

They found a cache of weapons, £15,000 in cash and some legal drug-making equipment, shot a dog, handcuffed four security guards and arrested McAfee – but they found nothing to pin on him.

McAfee had meanwhile told a Gizmodo journalist of about 12 suspected attempts on his life – a paranoia possibly fuelled the erratic drug taking.

Finally, after a neighbour he argued with was found dead in a pool of his own blood with a gunshot wound to his head, McAfee fled the country.

Cops still say he is a “person of interest in the case”, though he was later caught and sent back to the US, where he currently lives, though he has attracted the interest of the SEC.

More recently, in 2016 a former employee of McAfee’s in Belize was interviewed for the documentary film Gringo.

AFP US citizen Gregory Viant Faull, McAfee’s neighbour who was found murdered

Getty Images – Getty McAfee speak with journalists after arriving back in the US following his time on the run in Belize

Biologist Allison Adonizio, who fled back to the US after one of McAfee’s violent outbursts, made the shocking claim he sexually assaulted her, The Daily Beast reported.

According to the website, she said: “I told him I had a headache and he went into the other room and he brought me two pills and a glass of orange juice.

“I took them, and I took a sip of the orange juice and it tasted foul. It tasted bitter.”

Piecing together only fragments of her memory, she went on: “He was standing over me naked. I woke up the next morning. I was sick, I was dry heaving. I was dizzy.

“I grabbed my clothes — I don’t even remember taking them off. I went back to my house, I locked the door, and I sat in the shower until the water ran cold. I was crying and I was bleeding.”

After the documentary was released, McAfee labelled it “fraudulent”, while claiming interviewees had been paid to make the accusations.