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What Is Joe Wicks’ 90 Day Plan And What Exercise Regimes And Recipes Does He Recommend?



JOE Wicks has become a self-made millionaire with his own fitness empire. But what is his unique approach to exercise and diet and why has it proved so popular?

Here’s the lowdown on fitness guru, who stars in The Body Coach on Channel 4.

Handout Joe Wicks promotes a healthy and active lifestyle

Who is Joe Wicks?

Joe Wicks is a fitness coach, TV presenter, and author of two Lean In 15 books, specialising in fitness and nutrition.

He began his career as a personal trainer, before setting up his own company and promoting his business through social media.

Joe uses goes by TheBodyCoach on Instagram and Twitter, and has also created a 90 Day Plan app, promising to transform users’ body with recipes and workouts.

What is Joe Wicks’ 90 Day Plan?

Joe’s 90 Day Plan is an app with a diet and exercise plan containing 15 workouts and 99 recipes, designed to be followed for 90 days.

It is aimed at people who are wanting to lose weight and tone up, and costs £97 as a one-off payment, or £126 in three monthly instalments – which already 110,000 people have bought.

However, it’s not the same plan for everyone, and new users are required to fill in a questionnaire of their weight, health, lifestyle, and body measurements so that the plan is tailored for them.

During the plan, users have access to a chat service to support their training.

David Cummings – The Sun Joe promises to transform bodies in just 90 days using his plan

What recipes and exercise regimes does he recommend?

Joe says: “This is not a traditional, low calorie, deprivation diet.”

“It’s an education in fat loss, nutrition and macronutrients, where you eat more food than you ever thought possible and spend less time in the gym.”

The recipes aim to be nutritionally balanced, and even include burgers, curries, and pancakes.

His exercise plans are easy to follow workout videos, are no longer than 35 minutes, and can be followed at home or at the gym.

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