Coronation Street’s Pat Phelan Dead After Anna Windass Stabs Him At Michelle’s Wedding


PAT Phelan was finally shot and killed on tonight’s Coronation Street.

Anna Windass got her revenge on the serial killer in dramatic and bloody scenes in the Bistro.

Pat Phelan was stabbed and killed on tonight’s episode of Coronation Street

Anna Windass got her revenge and stabbed him in

After shooting daughter Nicola Rubinstein in a scuffle at wife Eileen Grimshaw’s, a shaken Phelan carried her into the Bistro.

It was typically bad timing for Phelan who interrupts bride-to-be Michelle, shortly before she was due to walk down the aisle.

As Ali and Rana battled to save an unconscious and bleeding Nicola, Phelan took Michelle hostage in the kitchen.

But the builder was unaware that his old nemesis Anna Windass was back in Weatherfield after getting out of prison.

Anna finally had her revenge on the man who framed her

Pat kicked the bucket after months of staying above suspicion

Determined to get revenge on the man who framed her for attempted murder, Anna stabbed Phelan in the chest.

But poor old Michelle ended up getting shot after being caught in the crossfire and fell to the floor bleeding.

Aware that the game was up, Phelan pulled the knife from his chest.

A triumphant Anna told him:

Phelan finally realised he’d lost

Eileen Grimshaw held hands with Anna as the shocked residents watched the body being taken away

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